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Okay folks, I deleted the entire friends list on this blog. NOT because I don't like yas anymore, but because this is an INACTIVE blog ... and I didn't want lj shooting out updates and stuff to anybody anymore.

The action is at lillpluta and has been for sometime.

This blog is only left open for archival and personal use.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Shady Rabbit that's what happened....

This blog is NOT open for business. I reactivated it so that I could retrieve some material from it. I noticed people were "friending" it, but I thought that they just saw it was open again.

But I got a message from someone else this morning who was confused .... when I re-opened it (for personal use), LJ must have sent out notices...perhaps it just automatically re-friended everybody.

I dunno.

This is NOT the active blog.

The active blog is at lillpluta.

I just opened this one up, so I could retrieve some posts before they were wiped out. Besides, it's now one of the rare basic I may keep it alive just for that. Alive, but not active.

Sorry for the confusion folks. I had no idea lj would send out notices.
Shady Rabbit

Moving Flists

I THINK I've gotten everyone moved from this list to the other list. If I missed you, it was NOT intentional. I printed out the flist from here and double checked it to the kpluta one.

So if I missed you, I apologize. Friend me, and I'll pick you up on my flist.

Thank you.
Shady Rabbit

This Blog Will Be Closing

In 2008, I'm letting go of several things. One of those things is my extra blog. I'm consolidating everything over at the original blog lillpluta.

The bunny has already moved over. Go hop along after him, please.

This blog will shut down around the end of January ... when my paid account expires.

Thank you.

The management. :)
Shady Rabbit

On the fourth day of Christmas ....

the hapless, useless, erstwhile writer stared at the spit of snow on the lawn while her two cats perched like statues on her desk. And she decided to drop off the face of the earth for a bit.

In the meantime, if you haven't friended me over at lillpluta, then this would be a good time to do so. It's time for paid accounts to become due soon, and I don't think I'm going to keep both of these running. Not paid anyway.

Oh that doesn't mean jump ship here. I'm not shutting it down. Yet. But it could become very inactive or something.

A river dirty.
Shady Rabbit

On the third day of Christmas .....

.... the mail lady brought me a check from Yak sales at Full Circle Books and a tube of ants.

Pausing for you to ponder the ant part before I explain.

The eleven year old got one of those nifty cool space age gel ant farms for Christmas. The occupANTS are here.

Sorry .... couldn't resist. And I think I have a story idea now.